Donation / Event Requests

Before making your request we ask that you please consider the following:

We are a very small family run business with limited production. Our size and structure does not allow us to support the number of donation requests we receive. 
Thank you for understanding that no matter how much we might wish to help, we simply can not say yes to everyone. 

We prioritize our donation allocations to those charitable causes most directly related to our own family, community and business.

The purpose of the donation request must be charitable in nature.

Requests must be submitted via our online request form with sufficient lead time for us to evaluate our participation.

Please do not drop in or call to make a request for a donation or to inquire about the status of your request.

We WILL ONLY respond to those requests that we can actually support. 

If your event is a good fit with our goals, we will respond and let you know what we can do to help within our means.

We can not be responsible for shipping or delivery of donated goods.