Please consult with us BEFORE bringing your furry friend into the tasting room as a courtesy to other guests and our resident dogs.  If needed, we do have an outdoor kennel on our patio for use while tasting with us.

We ask that K-9 guests (as well as their humans) use their best manners while visiting.

Winery Dog Sally
SALLY aka Rocket Dog
Sally is a much loved stubborn Dapple Dachshund. She was found for us by one of our very first wine club members.  She is obsessed with getting out to chase little critters around the vineyard. She will try to convince you that she needs  to go outside - but don't give in to those sad eyes.  If you open the door without holding the leash, she will RUN.
Winery Dog Dobby
Dobby is the young boy that Lucy sent to take over for her during the crush of 2013. He runs faster than a greyhound and loves to chase farm vehicles. Other than that, he tends faithfully to the kids and Sally. He is a good house elf!

Lucy was Larry's faithful assistant and best buddy for 15 harvests.
Youu can see  Lucy on page 103 of the Winery Dogs US book.
Our little bald forever puppy.